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    Top Questions

    What Does Banzai Teach?

    7 articles

    Building Credit

    Credit Scores, Credit Reports, and Identity Theft

    3 articles


    Credit Cards, Mortgages, Debt, and More

    3 articles


    Double-Entry Accounting, Envelope Budgeting, Saving Money, and More

    4 articles


    Auto Insurance, Spending Habits, Buying Groceries, Paying for Utilities, and More

    7 articles

    Setting Goals

    Buying a Car or House, Renting an Apartment, or Registering for College

    4 articles

    Choosing a Course

    How to Decide Which Course Is Best for Your Class

    8 articles

    How-To Guides

    Top Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions from Teachers

    15 articles

    Getting Started

    How to Sign Up and Begin Using Banzai

    11 articles

    Playing Banzai

    For Anyone Who's Stuck While Playing

    12 articles

    Managing Classes

    How to Create Classes and Use the Grading Interface

    17 articles

    Teaching Banzai

    How to Teach Banzai in the Classroom

    14 articles


    How to Reset Passwords and Find Usernames

    5 articles


    How to Order Our Classroom Supplements

    11 articles


    Technical Questions and Browser Errors

    8 articles

    Banzai Policies

    Compliance with COPPA, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Use

    5 articles

    Banzai Manager

    Support for Bank and Credit Union Sponsors

    7 articles