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    Registering for College

    About  70 percent of high school students make the choice to go directly to college after high school, and the average college student graduates with over $37K in debt. Unfortunately, sometimes students are more focused on prom dates and senior pranks than they are registering and paying for that first semester of college.

    We want students to remember that the more they save for college today, the better off they’ll be come registration. The Banzai course app keeps college front and center by making it one of the main goals of Banzai Teen. Players will get a realistic idea of how much college registration costs and how their current lifestyle could affect saving up or leave savings accounts dry. 

    Not every player will make it to college registration day with money in the bank. In fact, many will find that their choices in the game left them short. However, they’re free to play again and get it right the second (or third) time. But whether they win or lose, students learn an important lesson: major purchases require major planning. A dry run in Teen could be enough to help students think beyond graduation day and start planning for the cost of college. 

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