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    What are the differences between Plus, Teen, and Junior?

    “Everything we needed to know we learned in kindergarten”; except for financial literacy, that is. We’re committed to teaching the basics of money management to students of all ages, which is why we’ve created three unique programs to help teachers fulfill curriculum standards and to prepare students for real life.

    Each course is designed with a specific age group and level of literacy in mind. We’ve kicked archaic financial courses to the curb and created a gamified experience that speaks the right language and keeps kids, teens, and young adults totally engaged. 


    When life hands you lemons, become an entrepreneur! In Banzai Junior, we use a lemonade stand to teach students how to make money, save for big purchases, and even operate a business. Kids get to choose a savings goal and then use their lemonade stand to save enough money by the end of summer. 

    Some of the other topics covered in Junior include the following: 

    • IOUs (an introduction to credit) 
    • Earning money
    • Counting currency
    • Saving and spending money
    • Working with others


    In Teen, students play to save enough money for college registration. They’ll navigate daily decisions, like getting a job, going out to eat, and even renting an apartment to see how their choices affect their end goal. 

    Teen covers the following: 

    • Double-entry accounting
    • Renting an apartment
    • Buying a car
    • Renter’s insurance
    • Taxes and withholdings
    • Daily spending and saving
    • Auto insurance
    • Credit 


    Plus builds on Teen, except this time the goal is saving for a home. Not only will students have a concrete savings goal, but they get to go house hunting for the right property. Of course, navigating things like identity fraud and auto insurance along the way could make a win a little trickier. 

    Plus covers everything from Teen, along with the following:

    • Buying a home
    • Life insurance
    • Credit scores
    • Identity theft
    • Qualifying for a mortgage
    • Daily spending choices
    • Retirement savings
    • Tax exemptions

    All of the Banzai courses are designed to teach students of all ages how to manage, save, and spend money. Check out this handy grid to see precisely which topics are covered by each course. 

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