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    ADA Compliance

    Banzai complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) by making TeachBanzai.com and all the simulation courses accessible to vision-impaired users and to those who can’t use a computer mouse. Banzai has followed the recommendations from ADA.gov. Hearing-impaired users have no obstacles using Banzai courses, as sound is not essential to completing the simulations. 

    How Does Banzai Comply with ADA?

    Vision Impairment

    Banzai is accessible to users who have impaired vision or have trouble reading a screen. Often, vision-impaired users need either a screen reader (i.e., an electronic program that reads text aloud) or a refreshable Braille display. However, refreshable Braille displays are often impractical, costly, and unavailable, which makes vision-impaired users mostly rely on screen readers. 

    There is one main problem that screen readers encounter: they can only read recognizable text on a website, which means they can’t read certain formats, such as PDFs, videos, and images. Many websites have this kind of content and no backup plan for the vision impaired. Banzai has accounted for this issue. 

    To be accessible for the vision impaired, all Banzai courses—Junior, Teen, and Plus—are based on text, and where there are images, Banzai has implemented alt image text. Alt image text is a text description of images that screen readers can automatically detect and interpret for users. 

    Screen readers read out the highlighted element, "Put five dollars into your jars."

    Another common issue for users with vision impairment is the inability to read text over a colored background. In addition, many vision-impaired users need to adjust their browser’s high-contrast and font size settings to read.

    To help users with impaired vision, text throughout Banzai is designed to appear with high contrast colors against the application's surface. Colors are also clearly contrasted from each other. 

    Banzai doesn’t use negative text (i.e., light text against a dark background) or text that’s too similar to its background color.

    Banzai is clear and readable for users who are totally or partially vision impaired through its use of screen reader–compatible alt image text and high contrast colors for text.

    Physical Impairment

    For users who can’t comfortably use a computer mouse, it is difficult to navigate a website and select different options. To accommodate these users, Banzai has made all three courses accessible with mouseless browsing. Mouseless browsing is a function on websites that does what it sounds like—it allows you to select options on a website with your keyboard instead of with a mouse.

    Here’s how mouseless browsing works in Banzai:

    1. Scroll through options by using the Tab button.
    2. Select an option by pressing Enter.
    3. Move backward in your selections by pressing Shift + Tab.

    The Skip Navigation button appears so you don’t have to scroll through the entire bar at the top. 

    Keyboard shortcuts vary by browser, and there are many browser extensions you can download for free. 

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