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    Middle School Personal Finance Workbook

    The Middle School Personal Finance Workbook (grades 6-9) is the perfect companion to the Banzai Teen course. This workbook offers an independent learning experience that helps students develop new skills without requiring access to the internet. Which means it's great for both in-class and homework assignments. You can order free physical workbooks by selecting the “Booklets” tab after you log in to the Teacher Dashboard or view the PDF here.

    Learning Activities

    These eight activities are designed to challenge student's financial skills and understanding. They'll learn vocabulary, gain problem solving skills, and think critically about personal finance conundrums. Students will only need a pencil and pair of scissors to complete these activities.
    • Lending, Credit, & Financial Services: There are tons of account, loan, and credit types out there that your students will need to understand. This activity will give them a foundational understanding of the must common ones as they must designate the appropriate service for various scenarios.
    • Supply, Demand, and You: Supply and demand are two of the most basic economic factors. Changes to one or either has a ripple effect on things like wages, competition and price. Your students will evaluate these relationships as they determine how these factors changed and what they impacted in each scenario.
    • Crossword: Students will gain a better understanding of vocabulary and how those terms come in to play in everyday financial decisions through this activity. After solving the puzzle, they'll use the terms to answer application and free response questions.
    • Saving or Investing: Understanding the difference between saving and investing is an important step in financial independence. This activity helps students pinpoint differences as it urges them to match characteristics of saving and investing correctly.
    • Budgeting Practice: Tracking your expenses helps you know what you can afford.  Students see this happen first hand as they work through the budgets of two people looking to change their expenses.
    • Reading Challenge: Reading comprehension is the name of the game in this activity. Students read short paragraphs that teach all about Credit & Debt and Saving with a Purpose and then answer questions about what they learned.
    • Check and Deposit Slip: understanding how to fill out a check and deposit slip is a vital skill. Students get to practice both with this activity.
    • The Power of Interest: Teaches students how to calculate simple an compound interest while giving them the opportunity to practice doing so.

    Missing activities from a previous version of the workbook? Don't worry! Every old activity (including favorites like Interview a Pro and Auto Insurance) is available to download with other worksheets in the teacher toolkit or course page.

    Note: To access the answer key, log in to your Banzai teacher account and click the Toolkit button at the top. 

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