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    High School Personal Finance Workbook

    The High School Personal Finance Workbook (grades 9-12) is available for teachers who use the Banzai Plus course in their classrooms. The contents of this workbook are more advanced than those in the Middle School Personal Finance Workbook. This workbook offers a rigorous, independent learning experience that does not require the internet to be completed and that challenges students to develop new skills. You can order free physical workbooks by selecting the “Booklets” tab on the Teacher Dashboard or view the PDF here.

    Learning Activities

    These eight activities are designed to push your students' understanding of complex financial topics while helping them gain new skills. They'll learn vocabulary, gain problem solving skills, and think critically about personal finance conundrums. Students will only need a pen or pencil to complete this workbook.
    • Personal Finance Vocabulary: In a challenging twist on the traditional definition fill in the blank definition activity, students must determine a financial term's definition from the context of a sentence.
    • Cost of Living: Your budget will be different depending on where you live. Students experience this firsthand as they create a budget for different cities and answer questions about their choices.
    • Paycheck Deductions: Many students are shocked to learn that their salary is different from their take home pay. In the activity, they'll gain an understanding of various paycheck deductions as they line them up to determine net pay.
    • How to Fill Out a W4: A W4 is an important yet confusing and intimidating financial document. Students will get to practice filling one out for a fictional person in this activity. Students fill out a W4 for a fictional person.
    • Understanding Credit Cards (two activities): Credit cards can be a helpful financial tool or a dangerous temptation. Students will gain a better understanding of both in this activity.
    • Health Insurance Costs: Between complicated terms and confusing payment structures, health insurance is confusing. Students will gain a better understanding of how it all works as they calculate the total cost of various scenarios.
    • Economics Reading Comprehension: Meant to simulate the reading portion of the SAT, students read an article about local economics and answer multiple choice questions about it.
    Missing Activities from a previous version of the workbook? Don't worry! Every old activity (including favorites like Interview a Pro and Auto Insurance) is available to download with the Financial Literacy Worksheets in the teacher toolkit or course page.

    Note: To access the answer key, log in to your Banzai teacher account and click the Toolkit button at the top. 

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