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    Library Challenges and Google Classroom

    Creating the Assignment

    Navigate to the Library Challenges through the Toolkit when you login. Select the 'Add to My Drive' button for the Challenge you'd like to assign.

    When the window pops up, select "Make a Copy." This will create your own copy of the Challenge in your Google Drive that you can edit and view as needed.

    Go to Google Classroom to create and send the assignment. In the “Classwork Tab”, hit the “Create Assignment” button (it can be a regular assignment or a quiz).

    Give the assignment a name, then click the “Add” button with the paperclip and select “Google Drive.” This will pull up all of the files from your drive. Click on the Challenge that you want to assign and hit “Add.” 

    Assign the Challenge to students.

    Grading the Challenge

    If you view the assignment in Google Classroom, you can see who has turned the assignment in and who hasn’t. If you hit the “Import Grades” button in the upper right hand corner, it will pull in the grades for the Challenges that have been submitted.  

    The Challenges use a mix of multiple choice and short response questions, so you’ll need to review the short response questions manually—they’ll likely be marked incorrect unless the student entered exactly what’s in the answer key.

    *If you don’t want to include short response questions, you can edit the Challenge by opening it in Google Drive and deleting or changing those questions.

    To grade short response questions:

    Go to your Google Drive and open the Challenge that you’ve assigned

    Select the “Responses” tab along the top.

    Select the “Individual” tab. You can now review each student’s responses. The student’s answers are displayed with the correct answer shown beneath it for each question. If you would like to mark a short response question correct, you can do so by going to the question, clicking on the blank space next to how many points the question is worth, and adding an amount. Ex: If it says “    / 1”, you can add a 1 to make it “1 / 1”. 

    Save your changes. As you edit the grades, a box at the bottom will pop up that says “Edits are pending.” When you’re done grading a student's challenge answer, simply hit “Save” and the score will be updated.Once you’ve finished grading the Challenge for one student, you can move on to the next by selecting their email in the dropdown below the “Summary” tab at the top of the Challenge or hitting the arrow to move on to the next student.

    When you’re ready to input the grades into Google Classroom, simply return to the assignment and hit “Import Grades” or manually enter scores by selecting the score by the student’s name for this assignment and changing it.

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