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    Sharing Content in Other Languages

    Share wellness center articles and calculators in Spanish or any other language, easily, by converting them using Google Chrome.

    Option 1: Translate an entire website with Google Translate. 

    This option opens whatever URL you choose in the language you need. This option allows you to navigate freely between pages without losing the translation. Here’s how:

    1. Copy the URL for the site you’d like to translate. Remember, for translating resources, it’s important to copy the link directly associated with each resource. This is particularly important for Coaches and Courses—make sure to start the coach or course before copying the link.

    For Articles & Calculators:

    For Courses and Coaches: 

    Make sure to open each Course and Coach up to the interactive page before copying the link—example shown below.

    2. Navigate to https://translate.google.com and paste the copied URL into the text box on the left.

    3. Select what language you want the resource visible in. Available languages are found just above the right text box.

    4. Click on the link in the right text box to navigate to the translated website.

    Option 2: Translate a single page with the Google Translate extension.

    Just one page of a website will be translated to the language of your choosing—you won’t be able to navigate freely within a website without losing the translation feature. Because of this, it’s best to navigate to the exact resource you want translated before beginning the following steps. 

    Note: The following steps are what needs to be done assuming you’ve not already added the desired language into your language settings on Google Chrome. 

    1. Navigate to the resource of your choice. (This step is important. If you don’t navigate to the exact resource you want to be translated, you’ll have to repeat the steps on every page until you get to where you want to be—this option is only temporary.)

    2. Right-click on a blank space on the site to open the Popup menu as shown below:

    3. Select “Translate to English” on the menu provided:

    4. After that’s selected, a Google Translate symbol will appear at the top right of the screen. It should look like this:

    5. Select this symbol to open the Google Translate Menu that's shown below:

    6. Select the three dots stacked to the right of the “English” toggle and hit “Choose Another Language…” in the popup menu.

    7. Once selected, you’ll be provided with a drop-down list of available languages. Choose the language you’d like to translate the resource text to.

    8. After selecting your language, click the blue box at the bottom of the context box that says, “Translate.”

    9. The site should now appear in the language you chose:

    To revert back to English:

    Option 1: Navigate to the “Translate this page” toggle at the right of the search bar and follow the same steps used above to select English. Option 2: Right on the page white space and select "Translate to English."