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    Wellness Center Editorial Practices

    Our mission

    Banzai strives to ensure that all readers receive clear, concise, and timely information in a safe, non-judgemental sphere. We want our readers to learn and succeed and thus have adopted high content standards meant to guide our team to publish & revise Banzai resources in a consistent & scholarly manner.

    Creating Content

    The Banzai Curriculum Team is responsible for creating Banzai content including articles, calculators, courses, Coaches, and workbooks. This team is made up of talented writers who are dedicated to providing readers with up-to-date, engaging, and inclusive content meant for everyone—no matter their situation. 

    Each and every article is written on the basis of educating curious minds and motivating everyone to reach their full financial potential. A Banzai writer’s duty is to express hard-to-understand concepts easily through a process of thorough research, proofreading, and revision.

    Fact-Checking & Editing Standards

    Banzai’s fact-checking and editorial standards require every member of our Curriculum & Product Team to rely on reputable websites, current government & industry collected data, as well as scholarly advice given from other similar & industry-acclaimed financial products.

    Corrections & Auditing

    Since no company can claim perfection, we recognize that there could be errors—however hard we might try to relay the most accurate information. Because of this, we promise that if there is a factual error, Banzai’s Curriculum Team will audit that piece and correct it hastily on the resource it was found. 

    On a similar note, we understand that much of the financial information changes over time as state legislature and government mandates change. Due to this, Banzai revisits time-relevant content annually or as frequently as we see fit to ensure that Banzai resources maintain their accuracy.

    Our readers and partners are free to contact us at any time to report false information or register complaints by emailing us at support@banzai.org or calling us at 1.888.822.6924.