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    Buying a Car

    While living without a car is becoming increasingly popular in major metropolitan areas, it’s still hard to do. Most households still have cars, and that’s not likely to change much in the near future. It’s still more practical to have a car to reach your financial goals, which is why we help players learn about car ownership.

    We teach Banzai users to have realistic expectations about the trade-offs of buying a car. The car-buying process will probably be stressful, but it will be much less stressful if people know what they’re getting into beforehand. The car buying process, as well as car ownership in general, is reviewed in both Teen and Plus courses.

    Buying Process

    When players begin Teen or Plus, they soon find themselves needing a new vehicle 

    In Teen, their car breaks down, but they have the option to repair it or buy a new one.


    Of course, there are always trade-offs for whatever option you choose. If you buy the most expensive option, your car payment prevents you from saving up enough for college registration, the main goal of the game.

    There are always incidental costs to maintaining a car. Gas is one that regularly comes up in both games, but then there are other small accidents.Most people can safely assume they will be the cause of an accident too, at some point.

    It’s for that reason we go into auto insurance, to prep players for the curve balls thrown at us by owning a car.

    Owning a car is a privilege and a liability at the same time, so we help players financially prepare to drive, by showing them the realities of owning a car while also trying to save for a financial goal. 

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