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    Auto Insurance

    High school students don’t always think ahead. But unlike cramming for an exam the night before, there’s no way to make up for not having car insurance after an accident. Just one accident can have multiple repercussions that could last way past graduation. 

    Most students rely on their parents to make decisions about auto insurance, leaving them ill-equipped to take the wheel when it’s time to choose coverage for themselves. We believe that helping your students learn more about auto insurance helps reduce the negative impact of a potential accident—no cramming necessary. 

    Insurance 101 

    Collision coverage; deductibles; liability insurance: these terms probably aren’t on your average 11th grade vocab quiz. But students won’t have to face the confusing facts on auto insurance alone. Banzai explains different types of auto insurance, what’s legal, what’s not, and how insurance covers different types of accidents. 

    You’ve navigated the high school parking lot, and you know that students don’t always make the best drivers. But even if students drive irresponsibly and crash into a light post, there’s a type of coverage that can help repair Mom and Dad’s car and any resulting damage. We explain the difference between collision coverage and personal injury coverage on a need-to-know basis using language students will understand. 

    Making Choices

    Understanding auto insurance means making choices long before you actually ever need to use auto insurance. That’s why we give students the chance to choose their level of coverage–for better or for worse. Just think of it as the written driving test: a way for students to get comfortable with the course material before getting behind the wheel. 

    What might seem like a genius idea–saving money by choosing a bare bones plan–suddenly becomes a money pit after an accident happens. Or, students might learn that it can save money in the long term to purchase more comprehensive coverage and pay up front for a discount, even if it puts a dent in their bank accounts in the short term. All of these instances perfectly illustrate our philosophy on trade-offs: spending more in one area can mean spending less in another. Whatever students decide, Banzai gives students the chance to make choices, see results, and even adjust their behavior for next time. 

    You can’t always get students to not selfie and drive, but you can give them the tools to make better choices about car insurance. 

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