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    Identity Theft

    There’s no one else quite like you—except for the person stealing your identity. Identity theft has become more prevalent, thanks to things like online shopping. Hacked accounts are a treasure trove of personal information, credit card numbers, and even your social security number. Identity thieves can then use that information to make purchases, obtain loans, and for a bevy of other bad behavior. 

    Unfortunately, cybercrime and identity theft is extremely common. According to Javelin Strategy & Research,  16.7 million Americans were affected by it in 2017 alone. While we hope it doesn’t happen to anyone, Banzai still wants to prep students for the possibility so they know how to react if their identity is stolen. 

    The most common type of identity theft is credit card fraud. Banzai shows players how they’d be alerted in the case of identity theft and how it might have happened. The course also walks them through the steps to stop the theft and get that money back. 

    Identity crisis averted. 

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