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    Credit Scores

    Credit scores are a double-edged sword. Your score can work against you, or it can help you step into more financial responsibilities as you progress into new stages of life. Because today’s economy is more digitized than ever, credit scores can affect any of the following: 

    • Some job applications, through background checks; 
    • Buying transportation; 
    • Some domestic legal disputes, such as child custody; 
    • Applying to rent an apartment; or especially,
    • Buying a home. 

    That’s why Banzai teaches players to protect their credit score and be fiscally responsible so they can achieve their long-term goals. In Plus, players save up for a down payment on a home, but in order to win, they also have to have a decent credit score to achieve this goal. 

    Lifelike Simulated Score

    We created a simulated credit score that responds to decisions users make in the game. We teach how users’ credit scores are affected by many decisions, such as the following decisions in Plus:

    • Using up to half or more of their credit limit; 
    • Making late payments on their credit card; 
    • Applying for more lines of credit; 
    • Applying to live in a new apartment, which triggers a hard inquiry; and
    • Having an auto loan and making on-time payments.

    In one instance users have to decide whether to pay the minimum or full payment on their credit card, or whether to ignore the payment altogether: 

    We encourage making the full payment whenever possible: 

    But we also recognize that making the minimum payment will at least keep your score clean: 

    And of course, not making the payment negatively affects the credit score. 

    Common Scenarios 

    One common scenario most American consumers face is the ubiquitous temptation when they're shopping: “If you get a store credit card, you can save 20 percent today.” Many retailers promise steep discounts at the last minute if you apply for an in-store credit card right then and there. This card might not be a bad thing, if you shop there frequently and have good credit. But even applying for a store credit card triggers a hard inquiry and can hurt you, under some circumstances: 

    The credit score in Banzai Plus even responds to minute transactions, which signals to players that if they can use their credit card for everyday transactions and pay it off immediately, it works to their good: 

    Where the credit score really starts to matter in Plus is when players need to apply for an auto loan or mortgage preapproval

    When players maintain and protect their credit throughout the game, they’re rewarded: 

    When players make poor decisions that hurt their credit too much, they don’t qualify for the mortgage and will have to play again to win: 

    The credit score is one of the crowning features of Banzai Plus because of its realistic responsiveness to players’ decisions. We believe in teaching players to protect their credit by using their credit cards responsibly and only when they’re able to pay it back. 

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