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    Banzai in Spanish

    Banzai is available to students who prefer to learn in Spanish.

    How Different Is the Spanish Version?

    Spanish-speaking students will go through Junior, Teen, or Plus, face the same decisions, and answer the same test questions—just in a different language. 

    You can still assess your Spanish-speaking students’ progress when you log in. When you check their answers on a specific test question, you’ll see their test translated back to English. 

    You can also take a look at the Spanish course by going into the Student View on your account. 

    How to Access the Spanish Version

    Students can start using Banzai in Spanish in two ways. First, when they sign up, students can select English or Spanish. 

    Second, if students already have an account, they can change the language after logging in, clicking My Profile, and selecting Edit Profile

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