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    Digital Citizenship Workbook

    The Digital Citizenship Workbook (grades 8-12) is available for teachers who use the Banzai Digital Citizenship course in their classrooms. It offers a rigorous, independent learning experience that challenges students to develop new skills and does not require the internet to be completed. You can order free physical workbooks by selecting the “Booklets” tab on the Teacher Dashboard or view the PDF here.

    Learning Activities

    Students learn about secure passwords, privacy practices, cyberbullying, and safe websites.

    • Password & Privacy: Students play the role of a hacker trying to guess someone's password using information they find online.
    • Clickbait: In this activity, students are presented with a variety of clickbait examples and are asked to match them to the correct story on another page while determining what' been misconstrued in the headline.
    • Cyberbullying Crossword: Teens use common internet safety terms and definitions to fill out the crossword puzzle.
    • Scams & Malware: Students match lists of common scams or malware with their definitions.
    • Digital Wellness: Mental, physical, and emotional health is important to students. In this activity, they are asked to circle the devices or platforms that they use at least once a week and then answer the remaining questions pertaining to their individual digital wellness.
    • Dangerous Websites: Teens are taught how to spot a dangerous website by learning key red flags to look out for.
    • Digital Footprint: Students answer questions that help them recognize how much information is really out there about them and that what they post and search about on the internet creates a trackable footprint.

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