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    What is a Sponsor?

    Banzai is made available to teachers and students at no cost thanks to sponsors. Your sponsor is a local bank or credit union that has committed to being your partner in your students’ financial education in three major ways.

    First, sponsors provide workbooks for the classrooms they support. Any teacher can use the Banzai courses for free, but physical workbooks are provided by the generous support of sponsors. If your school is not currently sponsored and you place an order, Banzai will collect your information, look for a sponsor, and contact you as soon as one is secured. To learn more about ordering workbooks, read this article.

    Second, your sponsor may want to get involved in teaching your students the ins and outs of financial literacy. A financial expert at your sponsor’s institution can give an in-person or online presentation about a key topic to your students. You may also be able to arrange a visit to one of your sponsor’s branches where your class will learn all about how a bank or credit union works. You can request both of these supplemental experiences by logging into your account and clicking “Sponsor” in the navigation bar.

    Finally, sponsors make it possible for Banzai to create timely content tailored toward your students’ needs. If you’d like to thank, share your experience using Banzai, or learn more about your sponsor, you can do so in the sponsor tab.