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    Renters Insurance

    Despite what their parents might think right now, there will be a time where teens are ready to move out of their childhood homes. About  80 percent of young adults with a high school diploma live outside of their parents’ homes, and for 65 percent of young adults under 35, that means renting. 

    Renting definitely has its pros and cons, but the truth is that regardless of the price, number of bathrooms, or proximity to the closest Chipotle, it’s important to keep personal stuff safe. Renter’s insurance protects against fire, theft, vandalism, and much more. That means the cost of everything–from pricey electronics to priceless band tees–can be recouped, even if you don’t own your own place. 

    Banzai teaches students why renter’s insurance is a safe bet, all while demonstrating why going without insurance is playing with fire. 

    Trial by Fire 

    Most newly minted high school grads are looking forward to some independence.. Apartment shopping, however, is just part of the proverbial New Adult Starter Kit. Making tough decisions about things like renter’s insurance is a trial by fire that could have far-reaching results. 

    Banzai gives students an opportunity to weigh the trade-offs of renter’s insurance. Sure, it’ll take a chunk out of their monthly budget, but what about the cost of having their stuff stolen? 

    Real-Life Consequences

    Renter’s insurance is one of those snap decisions that seems like a no-brainer at the time, but it might be more important than students realize. By making the choice of whether to buy renter’s insurance deceptively quick and simple to start, the course mirrors real-life decision making. What seems like an easy “no” (i.e., saving money by opting out of renter’s insurance) can result in negative consequences. Banzai helps teens and young adults see which costs are worth the investment and what could happen if they skimp on the important stuff. 

    You can’t predict the future, but you can help your students protect their future, even if the idea of moving into their own place seems far away. Teachers (and parents) can be rest assured that even if Banzai can’t help teens move out of their parents’ house, it can help prep them for life on their own. 

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