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    Trying Out Banzai

    We know you probably want to make sure Banzai is the curriculum your class needs. There are two ways to test the Banzai course app so you can be confident Banzai is a good fit for your students, before implementing Banzai in your classroom.

    Student View

    When you  sign up or log in at Banzai.org, you will see your Teacher Dashboard.
    Click on the Student View button near the top of your dashboard, and you will be taken to a student account that you can use to go through the entire Banzai course.

    You can switch between courses using the Change Courses drop-down menu.

    Sample Student

    Each class in your Banzai account will contain a sample student. We created this feature so you can not only test the course but also see how the grading interface works. 

    To access this feature log in to your account at Banzai.org.
    Click on your class, and click on Sample Student.

    Click on the green Open Account button.
    You will then be taken to a demo account where you can sample the program. You can also go back to your teacher account and view how our grading interface tracks your progress.

    Schedule a Walk-Through 

    Our Teacher Support team can do a personalized, 15-minute tutorial and answer any questions you might have.

    Schedule a time on this calendar.
    We will call you at the selected time. Just be ready with your questions. 

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