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    Class Code

    The class code is a unique six-character code generated for each class. Students need this code in order to join your class when they sign up.

    To view your class code, log in to your account at Banzai.org. The class code is displayed in a few places. On the home page, you can see all of your class codes in the gray circles above the corresponding class names.

    You can also access the class code by clicking on the class. On that page, it will be in a gray circle beside the class name.

    When you're ready to add students to your class, there are two easy ways to give them the code. Both are accessed by clicking the green "Add Students" button. 

    Option #1: Email Signup

    By clicking the "send an email" button on the left, you can email links for your students to sign up. Those links will automatically include the appropriate class code.

    Enter student email addresses one at a time and, once you're done, Banzai will automatically generate and send the signup emails. When students click the link in their email, it will open the signup window with the class code already filled out.

    Option #2: Share the Class Code

    If you would prefer to simply write the class code on the board, send your own emails, or link to the signup page another way, you can click the "share the code" button on the right of the Add Students menu.That will bring up the link to the pre-filled signup window. From there, you can copy and paste it to send as you prefer.

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